A Slap Upside the Head

March, 1996
Oils on Canvasboard
18” x 24”
Framed 30”x 35”

The “slap” here has been seen as everything from snake to a wave, but to me it is the Soul – the deep Self speaking to the ego self. I don’t know why I can’t quite keep that in my head.

Journal 4/4/96: Still very up and down. Swollen eyes no better. Doctor’s office suggested hot compresses but after three days no change. Taking more and more foods out of my diet and no change there either. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep the faith. Easter potluck coming up. Uh oh.
Did a painting finally after long dry spell – of my eyes and body as teacher/alley. And “a brief glimpse of the blindingly obvious” whacking me upside the head. It felt good to be doing it.
I’m also working on framing ideas that have been nagging at me – carving sticks after nice gathering session with Morgan. Skye says I look funny doing it – such a little boy thing to do. I can only work on that in little snatches – must be gentle with myself. Framing is a huge unresolved issue for me.