“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

The links on the sidebar of this page are to local organizations I have been directly involved with in the Lower Nehalem River/Neahkahnie Mountain community since moving here full time in 1978.

Many other cool things are happening in our area that I intend to eventually link to as I develop this section. There are also incredibly inspiring things happening elsewhere in other communities that show what neighbors can accomplish.

Thinking globally and acting locally….

But for now i must content myself with three teasers about possible futures and a link to excerpts from What If, Can Be, my novel-in-progress where I am putting a lot of these visions into writing…

  • There is land next to CARTM Recycling that I have long been dreaming of as an eco-village combining affordable housing and creative micro-business. This drawing of mine (circa 2005) was a first crack at manifesting that vision….cartm
  • Coyote Ridge (aka Nehalem 10th Street) is 10 acres on the edge of Nehalem that could be developed into affordable co-housing (for aging in place?) and/or a healing center. It already includes an active group garden & orchard, plus a small old growth ravine conservation area. Development is just waiting for funding and people who want to take it on. “Elk Ridge” is my fictional description of a one possible scenario….

  • In 2005 our community received a grant from the Arts Builds Communities program of the Oregon Arts Commission to create a series of vision murals. These murals now reside at Lower Nehalem Community Trust’s Alder Creek Farm. I hope to eventually create a page that illuminates the details of these murals – visions of the future of our community by those who live here.  In 2015 we revisited these murals, adding new details and manifestation energy.  We’ll see what happens next….

DSCN2940 - Version 2

river mural

RAIN: Journal of Appropriate TechnologyRainbook

An important genesis of of my community work was a small but potent little visionary magazine I worked on in the 1970’s. A group of us – all “editors” and most living in a big house in NW Portland – would take turns “shepherding” issues full of articles and reviews of resources that covered topics such as recycling, solar and wind power, energy conservation, media and communications, neighborhoods & communities and much more. Eventually many other magazines and books took over each of these topics and Rain folk moved on to other things – Tom and I down to the Oregon coast to take the next steps for bringing our visions alive.

Schocken Books published a compilation called Rainbook and a book of essays called Stepping Stones that can still be found in used book stores and on Amazon. Portland State University recently scanned all the back issues of the magazine – check them out if you want a glimpse “back to the future.” Most of it is still very relevant.
Lee Johnson, who was one of the RAIN editors, is working on his memoir of those days called A Fortunate Wind. Lee was our resident “technotwit” and the part he’s written so far is about his adventures finding old Jacobs wind generators in Montana. It’s a work in progress but a fun glimpse into the adventures of those idealistic and formative days.