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NEXT EVENT: Friday afternoon, April 13th at my Hive on Bee Street – ELEMENTS OF RITUAL CLASS: Exploring Friday the 13th as part of Wisewoman history and earth centered spirituality. Cost: $10-20 sliding scale

Future events will likely include a series of Tarot classes and maybe Munay Ki initiations, an Intro to the Goddess series, making flower essences and more! Feel free to request any of these (even if I’ve already done one of them) to spur me to do them.  ;- )

Past Events:

Full Moon, March 30, 2018 – We celebrated our own blooming as I taught about ritual basics.Full Moon ceremony

Winter Solstice, Dec 21, 2017 – I wrote ahead of time: “The other night as I listened to Christmas music, I thought about how Christmas celebrates the coming of the Christ energy 2000 years ago: “Oh! Tidings of comfort and joy!” “Love’s Pure Light… with the dawn of redeeming Grace….” And I thought about how in this dawning Age of Aquarius we are the ones we’ve been waiting for – i.e. the Second Coming…. Let’s use the powerful astrological line up of this week to declare ourselves that – with the help of the plant, animal and spirit allies we call in…. and each other.”

October 31 and November 1, 2017 Halloween/Day of the Dead Womens Retreat at the Nehalem Beehive –  Two evening rituals – one showing the “Burning Times” film and the second a Day of the Dead remembrance ceremony. Some of us slept over; some came and went. There was a lot of hang-out time with tarot, beading materials, and saunas. So sweet!



Ritual4ONGOING: 7@7 – For over 10 years on the 7th of every month, several men and women gather at 6:45 for a meditative ceremonial fire lit at 7pm for the healing of the waters – the rivers, lakes and oceans and the water in our own bodies. The fires are lit by other students of Joseph Rael around the world also on the 7th at 7. The ceremony is led by Joe Pecore and is usually held in the Pecore’s house north of Rockway Beach, Oregon.  Contact me for more information

Old News: A series of events held in the Winter of 2016 at Fire Mountain School in Falcon Cove:

*Full Moon February 22, 2016 – Introducing Shakti Tantra: Calling in the Sacred Feminine.  We invoked the deeply feminine aspect of our bodies.That which our culture has denied. That which we have kept hidden.That which we long for.That which the world h04-3 Vipassana Hotflashas been waiting for us to discover….. our wounds as well as our beauty and our power. 

Pink LadyThe New Moon and the New Year – January 9, 2016 was a  perfect timing for a sacred intention-setting session with COLLAGE.

Winter Solstice, Dec. 21, 2015  We celebrated the Longest Night and the beginning of Inanna’s Return from the Underworld. We inhabited the story of Inanna’sDescent in reference to our own journeys into the deep dark places of our souls and took the first steps up the stairway to reclaiming the self that we are becoming as the days get longer and spring finally arrives…..As it always does, no matter how dark it seems at the moment. Inanna had her friend Ninshubur to help her come back up. We had each other. For more information about this Sumarian Goddess who is also known as Venus, Astarte and Ishtar see: