June, 1995
Acrylics on Paper
16” x 24”

To “Know Thyself” as we are instructed by the Delphic Oracle, one must go both inward and outward, paradoxically making a mobius strip of motion and knowledge.

Leaping from my mind to the stars, yet at the same time diving inward to the inner mysteries of the belly – the seat of creativity. And living life as an artist. This was my painted and stated intention in June, 1995. All the subsequent paintings flow from the commitment made in this one.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have taken that dive into the belly so blithely if I had known I would still be agonizing with it all these years later. But then we never know where our journeys will lead us, do we? If we did I doubt we would ever have the courage to set out.

The belly, our 2nd chakra, is the seat of creativity and sexuality. My struggles with food issues (allergies, weight, complicated eating restrictions) came to the fore about this time and continue to plague me – but also inspire me to change. My hips & sacrum ache. My tummy lurches and gurgles. Menopause dampened my already challenged sexuality. But the creativity! Ah the creativity.

Written for Out of the Ashes Show, North County Rec District, January 2004.