LivingOutLoud“If you ask me as an artist what I came to do in the world,
I, an artist, will answer you:  I am here to live out loud.”

Emile Zola

A few years ago I took this statement to heart. Thus it has become my intention to live my life out loud, sometimes to the consternation of my husband, sons and friends though mostly they’ve gotten used to it. Showing my paintings and working on this website, as well as some books in process is all part of this life work for me.

To me, Living Out Loud means finding the courage to bring the secrets of my own life into the open. It means showing my warts and wrinkles as much as I can stand it after first learning what my warts and wrinkles are. Thus it means digging into the dark haunted places and exposing them to light via paint and words and ceremony. Always being sure that process takes precedence over product. Letting the raw things show. Letting the right brain have its say. It also means seeking the help of healers of all sorts. Whatever it takes….

I hope that by doing so I inspire and encourage others to do the same. I operate under the premise that if we do not tell our secrets we are only doomed to repeat and pass the wounds on.

For I believe we yearn to live once again as tribe – small intimate groups who know each other well. To do this we must connect with each other at our deepest level. We must find that precious intimacy by learning to shed our masks – convincing our egoic self that it is safe to shed the protective shields that have been in place so long. Finding the joy of coming into true. I have many layers left to go (I suspect it’s an endless process even unto future lifetimes!) but I invite you to join me in the endeavor.

That said, there are some paintings and accompanying written material that I have chosen not to display on the website, though I have shared it publicly in certain venues. It is not mine alone to share. Some of it is sensitive family material – some relates more to our local community. I hope there will come a time when it feels safe to all concerned to make these pieces more public.

I do so believe that sharing our frightened and hurt places, as well as the healing journeys themselves, is key to becoming One as we long to do.