Magical Stance

magical-stanceFebruary 2000
Acrylics on Paper
16”x 20”

The winds of change, the fire of the heart, the sap of the womb and bark of her skin – all will answer her call.

In February 2000, I did a second session of the Hero’s Journey with a new group, this time as a week long intensive. For the first assignment I did The Doer. That painting felt overwhelming and exhausting – a catalog of all I was doing that spring. As usual Susan came up with a brilliant homework assignment – to choose one stance among the many to be with for the week of the class. I chose the priestess (or maybe the priestess chose me!). She who grounds down into the earth with her roots and up into the sky with her branches. In touch with the moon ready to call in the elements – whether solitary, with her sisters or with a mixed group. The altar took things another step to give her ceremony and storytelling tools at the ready near where her feet are planted. A tree indeed.


Magical Stance Altar
February 2000
Acrylics on Paper
16”x 20”
Altar Assemblage 2004

Written for the Out of the Ashes Show, North County Rec Center, January 2004

This painting is already sold.