The Doer

theDoerFebruary, 2000
Acrylics on Paper
16” x 24”

Multi-tasking, stomach roiling.

Sometimes we take on too much – try to do it all – risk overwhelm. I have a lot of fear about that and about running out of energy. I often face various levels of burnout. How does one balance all the stances that call?? I’ve slowly learned that the more I stay calmly centered and grounded in the face of what I do, the less likely any stance leads to burnout. The more creatively I can use the energy – and let it come through me – the better the outcomes. Sometimes I think I achieved that in this painting and sometimes it just makes me tired to look at. On the good days I recognize her as Isis – the Egyptian goddess so proficient at so many things. So giving to her community. Or Kali with all her arms, both destroying and comforting. Then I know that the various stances are not mutually exclusive.

This was done in the second Hero’s Journey I took in 2000 in the midst of a busy Cartm spring. My homework assignment from this mirrorless self-portrait was to choose one stance for the week. The result was the Magical Stance painting.

Written for the Out of the Ashes Show, North County Rec District, January 2004

This painting has been sold.