Throat Chakra Call

ThroatChakra Call
February, 1996
Acrylics on Paper
16” x 24”

Right Livelihood – conflicting calls.

I always think of this as the call to really take on starting Cartm Recycling for that is the road I took. I chose to continue to be active in the community sustainability organizing that has always been strong in me.

However, in the coming together of the Out of the Ashes Show (2004) and my outing as a painter and a witch, I began to see it more as a call about the figure in the middle of the whirlpool – and the call to the more subtle work of being an artist, a healer and doing ritual. For 1995 definitely began the decade when I found the courage and learned how to mix the different callings. I had to invent how to be a “greenwitch” in the middle of inventing Cartm and what was to come after.

At some point in there I noticed that there were two birds in the painting which made it seem more like the conflicting calls of Cartm and being an artist and a conjurer. Just as many colors seem to suit me, baffling the clothing color specialists, so do many roles. It’s always such a dance – a balancing act. The challenge is to make it all work – and play!

Written Fall, 2006.