About Me

I always wanted a business card that just says “Various Hats”…

My life’s work has involved wearing a lot of hats helping to establish deep village-based living that is a return to sustainable, nature-based, co-creative community.  Since 1977 I have been part of the three-village community of Manzanita, Nehalem, and Wheeler in north Tillamook County on the north Oregon Coast. That process includes being a co-founder of Fire Mountain School (still going after 40+ years), CARTM Recycling Center (we took over the dump for 20+ years), Lower Nehalem Community Trust (very local conservancy land trust), NeahCasa (housing trust) and Fulcrum Community Resources (seeding & supporting local sustainability).  Before that, in the 1970’s, I graduated from Bennington College in Vermont, was involved in the community design center movement in Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Washington DC. I was also one of the editors of Rain Magazine, A Journal of Appropriate Technology in Portland in the mid-seventies.

At the same time, I have long been immersed in a self-growth spiritual quest. This has involved developing ceremonial practices with like-minded souls here locally as well as doing sacred site pilgrimages around the world. Places such as the Oshun Shrine in Oshogbo, Nigeria and along Egypt’s Nile River; Peru’s Sacred Valley, Machu Pichu and the Madre de Dios River; the Scottish Outer Hebrides and Highlands; as well as Japan, Great Britain, Europe and numerous sites in the continental US and Hawaii. Most importantly, for almost 50 years I have lived on or near Neahkahnie Mountain, still sacred to the original peoples of these lands and which many of us have felt called to help steward.

I declared myself a Greenwitch in 1996 as part of re-claiming my Celtic/Northern European wise woman ancestry as well as integrating other shamanic practices. That was a year after leaving teaching at Fire Mountain School, buying my first tarot deck (MotherPeace), and beginning the Hero’s Journey painting class series with Susan C. Walsh that was a return to my painting/artist self. The paintings became an important piece of my on-going self-discovery process. i.e.  they helped me to grow into the ever-evolving Greenwitch persona. And now they have become my own tarot deck – Lane’s Greenwitch Tarot available here.

 I read tarot cards privately (my home or yours) and at the Manzanita Farmers Market evenings from late May-September. Something of an herbalist, I make essences of flower and stone which I sell at the Farmers Market, and which are also available on-line here. 

I continue to organize ceremony for most of the quarterly and cross-quarterly holy days, i.e. Solstices and Equinoxes, as welNeahkahnie Spirit Dance Community.  If you want to receive announcements of these events and doings, please sign up on the Contact page.

Born in 1949, I am a Cancerian with a Capricorn Moon and Sagittarius Rising.