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January, 1996
Acrylics on Paper

This is the 6 of Water in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

There’s that surrender again. That letting go. The boat has foundered in a stormy sea and our Hero has gone overboard. Sharks lurk drawn by the blood. If it’s menstrual blood the very basis of the Sacred Feminine is being attacked. Yet a beacon of light shines in the distance. A light house? An angel? Can we find the energy to reach out to it? Something new awaits but we must let go of the relative safety of the conveyance of the known world and rely on our own being to find the new.

Your creative belly is alive. Can it generate the means to swim to safety, whether to the shore or to another vehicle to explore the depths beneath the waves? What do you, whether in a male, female or non-binary body, need to do to reclaim the Sacred Feminine within yourself as you float in primordial waters? What are you opening to in order to save this incarnation?

Out of the Ashes Show February 2004

“The struggle has ended, the ego has no choice but to let go.” -Vicki Noble

Afloat with a wing and a prayer. You could choose to die. There are worse choices you could make. Your friends keep a candle lit. Anubis is present – the Egyptian jackal god who weighs your heart with a feather as you transition to see how you fared in this life. He is a jackal, of course because they eat carrion flesh.

Journal 1/17/96

...A body floating in the ocean – going with current. It’s a dark and stormy night. Have I fallen off the boat in the upper right? Blood – menstrual blood – is streaming which feels okay though blood attracts sharks. The moon is shining. It also looks like a lighthouse. It’s a beacon anyway. The body had to struggle for surrender. At various times during the painting of it the arms were flailing, looped up overhead, but they finally settled, one over the belly, one along the side… leg dangling brokenly…

Altar Framing for Out of Ashes Solo Show