Bear and Bird

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In Lane’s Greenwitch Tarot this is the  8 of Earth:

Aware of them or not, we all have allies (aka guides) in spirit form to help us on our life’s journey. Not necessarily the same ones all the time or throughout our lives but usually several who remain constant. Animals, insects, birds, herbs and the Earth Herself. Ancestors, angels, fairies and the stars above. My childhood collie, Tinkerbell, was with me during a particularly challenging time and still appears in my consciousness when I’m in need of comfort. Mama Bear is a constant presence for me, as are aspects of the Goddess and God Archetypes.

Here is me reaching for my beloved Bear, an ally and guide I am honored to be supported by. Tom in his sparkly hat is reaching for an odd bird – kind of a jay yet not. Maybe a pelican? But then Tom was an odd bird himself so that has always felt appropriate. Behind us is a Goddess – I always think of her as Roman Ceres who was also the Greek's Demeter when I see her. Goddess of Grains and fertility. Watching over us.  

The painting (tempera on paper) was done in 2006 as part of a painting process series with Susan C. Walsh.