Bear and I Birthing Each Other

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Acrylics on Canvas Board

This the 2 of Earth in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

Come to find out the physical emergence from the womb is only the first of many birthings throughout the Soul’s journey on Earth. In fact, it is a never ending process. But always there are allies along the way. Here Bear and I are birthing each other – a creative collaboration that serves our partnership. It’s a reminder that we all help the spirits and the ancestors when we ourselves become conscious and aware. Bear is a powerful healer ally, who I felt unworthy of for a long time until she came to me in a journeying class wearing an apron and hugged me reassuringly from behind as Mama Bear.

Who are the allies along your path? Can you let them whisper in your ear? What wisdom are they imparting? You are being asked to listen to their sage guidance, even if  (especially if!) it feels hard to do. And even if you feel unworthy. You have a unique job to do.

Original Web description:

Yet another birthing painting!

When my kids were teenagers I began to paint and somewhere in there I realized I was birthing myself. Oh and I was in menopause too. Bear has been an potent ally for this process. I like to think she’s shifting as I do.