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Drawing 2010

In Lane's Greenwitch Tarot this is the 3 of Air:

It could also have been the Creative of Air. The thinking mind and the imagination are marvelous magical tools. Thoughts can create beautiful visions of the future to be manifested. They can also express observations of the past and present. They spill out as words on the page, on the stage or in song. Yet some of the most important things we say are blurts –  words we didn’t mean to utter but which contain important, needing-to-be-said truths that have probably been lurking in our mind but which we were afraid to speak. And therein lies the adventure of it all.

Where do you guard your tongue? What do you need to be saying? How do you speak your truth? How do you make the future an exciting reality? Can you give in to the creativity and inspiration that wants to be channeled through you? Let it all be an adventure!

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