Calling the Spirits

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This is another one I keep by my bed in order to be reminded to call on these allies, mentors and teachers. And another done in a Linda Dalal Sawaya class.

It is the Shaman V card in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot deck:

The Hierophant or Pope in classic tarot is he who upholds the sacred laws of the Judeo-Christian religions. Now here are the sages of the ancient traditions as they re-emerge today. So-called “primitive,” “native” cultures managed to survive the colonial onslaughts of European culture that burned their own witches, gypsies, gays and healers. They are bringing their knowledge and wisdom out into the open, often to be shared. Yet there is still a fine line between appropriation (i.e. taking/stealing especially for financial gain) and the acceptance of universal truths and practices. Be sensitive to the subtleties of this on-going conversation as you follow the guidance from your heart. A Shaman (the word comes from the Lapp/Sami peoples of Scandinavia) is one who reaches into those mysterious worlds and brings back healing for individuals and the collective. Journeying in one’s mind, putting on masks, speaking in tongues (aka Star Language), channeling, ecstatic dance, and psychic surgery are just a few of the techniques used. In ancient Egypt the wearing of a leopard skin was the mark of a shaman. Grandma Agatha (lower middle) was a beloved Pacific Northwest member of the International Council of 13 Grandmothers who I feel especially close to.

You are your own teacher. This card is about exploring the meta-physical (i.e.more-than-physical) for healing and insight. It may be that you are ready to learn shamanic techniques or that you are being guided to seek out a shamanic practitioner to help with your process.These are potent worlds to explore. Take heart i.e. be courageous. Dance beyond the known world of the dominant culture to see what you can see and observe how it can help you become more truly yourself.

Borage Flower Essence can give en-couragement.