Colored Ribbons

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This is the Sprite of Air in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot deck:

When we approach life with childlike wonder we have the opportunity to enter a fanciful world. A unicorn watches a circle dance - a common image in this deck as an ideal and symbol of community. Ribbons of the Maypole from Wheel of the Year X ["MayPole"] entwine to anchor the playful Sprite energy into the earth, as well as to a flowing river and up to the Star Beings (particularly the Pleiades, Sirius and my beloved Orion). Probably there are fairies and dragons in there somewhere. Savor the colors. What else is going on here? What would you add?

A willing suspension of disbelief is required to take this in as something real. Can you manage it? What if it were possible in a 5th Dimensional world? What can you do to make it so or at least entertain the possibility? If nothing else, the call is to be impishly playful and to enjoy. What color is your unicorn?