Conjuring Tribe

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She's so happy to be visioning - creating, manifesting. And not just in her head. It doesn't show here but she's also doing the hard stuff of working with people and herself amongst them. We have a local saying coined by Claudia Johnson, "Are there people involved??" It has to be said with a particular sort of irony because of course there are always people involved..... But here, right here the visions and ideals get to be born.

She is the Creative of Air Magic in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

What is the world coming to look like in the New Age? Visions abound and are coming into being. Manifesting sustainable gardens, food systems and small businesses. Supporting artful celebrations and ceremonies. Home-based birth and death practices. Justice and diversity a given. Singing around the campfire, sharing trials and tribulations, listening to and supporting each other. Communicating psychically. Being well integrated humans in all our beautiful variations in touch with Spirit and the beings inhabiting our planet and  cosmos.

What visions do you have for your life and that of those around you? Are you playing with ideas? What would it take to make them real? Is what you’re doing now helping that process? If not why not? If not now, when? The call is to take your unique part in the movement to create the communities of our dreams.