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It was a huge surprise when this big-eyed creature who appeared in a late night painting musing session insisted on having an elephant's trunk that had to be squeezed in. Pushy guy. Who else could he be other than Ganesha come to call and assist me going forward.

He is the Elder of Fire in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

Ganesha (aka Ganapati) is the beloved elephant of Hindu traditions, known as the Remover of Obstacles and the God of New Beginnings. He’s a standard bearer of esoteric Tantric practices for living spiritually in relation with others, particularly sexual partners. He emerged unbidden, fiery and compelling from my paintbrush relatively recently, eyes full of compassion for the intricacies of my journey. And he insisted on being part of this deck.

Call on Ascended Master Ganesh when in need of comfort and an elder to lean on to assuage your doubts with wise counsel. A little statue of him can be a reminder of his constant presence. Who is the personification of Ganesh in your life? Are you one of his minions yourself? How do you infuse spirituality into your everyday relationships? Is it time to explore the subtle fiery complexity of tantric concepts?