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The Greenwitch personified, she was finished appropriately on May 1st which is Beltane in the Celtic calendar.  She was created for the Art of Aging Show at the North County Recreation District that month in 2019. I wanted to show her as a crone coming into her own as her authentic self. I am increasingly able to embody this archetype and often dress as her on Halloween (aka Samhain in the Celtic calendar). An honoring and reclaiming my Celtic wisewoman/witchy/wyrd/weird traditions.

She is the Elder of Earth in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

Here is Greenwitch Herself - wisewoman of Earth Magic. She knows the ways of wild things and much about how to use them to heal herself and others. She won’t ever learn it all but listens to the wind and the worms, the flying ones and the green things to absorb what she needs to spread their medicine. Everyday potions – soups, pies, tinctures, teas, salves and essences - heal and transform. She returns the energy of Earth’s gifts by composting that which she has not used. She knows that by healing the inner and the micro she is healing the outer and macro.

           Take good care as you interact with creatures of the earth. Are you accepting their blessings to ground yourself? Listening with gratitude? Sharing those gifts with others? Be always aware and conscious as you garner and use your ever deepening wisdom and skills. Remember that you knew all this once upon a time.