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February 2000
Acrylics on paper
16” x 24”

Hierogamus is the Greek word for sacred marriage.

It encompasses the idea that the sexual union of the king and queen making love in the fields in the spring was a sacred act that fertilized the fields and ensured a rich harvest. During this period in 2000, I was trying to paint my way into some understanding about the sexual issues Tom and I struggled with. And, of course, working with community. I had a strong feeling that he had the key.

I was also still trying to understand the meaning of the mysterious blue feather. I know now that it was a call to write about all this – to be open about it. Is the cure in the openness?

Pan – the wild green one has often been an alley for me – for us. And, of course, that green figure is Tom too, dancing to his own drum and drumming me to heal. To lighten up.

Journal 2/22/00

I get to have wings.

The Call is Sexual Union
Unity within the marriage
Call from the Drum – primitive, primeval

“Oh shit!” is always the first step.

Feather is growing out of the womb not the yoni.