I Dare You!

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One of a series done in a workshop led by Linda Dalal Sawaya. She teaches an exciting process urging one to make the images one's own. I did several that I really love. This one hangs over my bed, her twinkling eyes daring me to be bold, play a lot and live well!

She is the Sprite of Fire in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

There is certainly daring, fun and adventure in store on this earthly journey. Some of it welcome and some not so much. Stalwart Bear and Elk dance alongside us under the stars. What else is hidden in the grass? Are we strong enough, brave enough, to cavort on a literal or proverbial trapeze or tightrope? Childlike light-heartedness, humor, playfulness and a sense of wonder are important healing agents as we wend our way through the crazy quilt collage of life’s challenges and growth opportunities!

How do you stay full of light and youthful play? Are you doing that enough to stay just the right amount of sane? Who do you have who can play with you? What if you let go another degree? Even just a little…?  P.S. I consider doing ceremony to be a special kind of play that can connect us to all to our inner child-selves. Ring-around-the- rosie, pocket full of posies.