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Neahkahnie Mountain figures strongly in my artwork and in my life really. A mountain sacred to the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest. This is a view from the top. Here in a rather fanciful watercolor, the incoming winged ones bring messages, omens and wisdom from the other realms.

It was rather a surprise to me that it wanted to be in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot where it is the 10 of Air Magic:

The omen bringers – birds, dragonflies, fantastical winged ones – emerge from metaphysical realms beyond most human experience. They fly in happy cohorts to deliver gifts and messages to the folks circling on the mountain below. A joyous gathering with enough for all.They celebrate the humans despite their warts and wrinkles. They can exist in many worlds and go between them easily. Thus they have news of  ancestors beyond the veil as well as guidance from the Star Beings and the Soul Self.

Can you feel their joy? What messages do they bring you? Or is it the realization of them as messengers that is their first gift to you? You have many unseen around you who want you to succeed in your life’s mission (even if you don’t quite know what that is). Put up your antenna. Smell the air. Hear the music. You have but to receive and celebrate. Do this today!