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June, 1995
Acrylics on Paper
16” x 24"

This is the Fool 0 in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

The Fool rushes in where angels fear to tread, traditionally walking off a cliff with a dog and a hobo bundle. For each of us the first leap was to take on a human form, leaving the storied bliss of the other side of the veil. It is said that we had to actually compete to come to Planet Earth School at this special time of growth and change. To take the leap into our mothers’ bellies. Don’t you sometimes wonder “What were we thinking??” We certainly neglected to read the fine print of the contract, much less the operating manual. And now we must step again and again into the challenges in our lives as they arise. One such leap in my life was when I dove with intention deep into my own belly in 1995 to identify and explore my stuck places via the medium of paint, especially my food sensitivity and emotional eating issues. Would I have taken that leap if I’d known that the journey of this particular birth process would take the rest of my life? The Call is very compelling as it is meant to be. The cost of ignoring it can be high, e.g a Tower XVI experience.  


So at this point the original swan dive is a done deal for you, but what wounds from your past and present live are still tucked in crevices in your body? Can you do deep dives to explore them? And then undertake the work to release them? It may seem easier to let them remain hidden though they might have something to say about that. You have every right and reason to stay in righteous anger. But what if you take that step off the proverbial cliff of the traditional version of the Fool? It’s what the Tarot is about after all – The Fool’s Journey. Be a Hero. Go on a Quest. Track the trail of fewmets (dragon droppings). Your Soul/Higher Self is hoping that you will answer that Call…..

From Original Webpage:

To “Know Thyself” as we are instructed by the Delphic Oracle, one must go both inward and outward, paradoxically making a mobius strip of motion and knowledge.

Leaping from my mind to the stars, yet at the same time diving inward to the inner mysteries of the belly – the seat of creativity. And living life as an artist. This was my painted and stated intention in June, 1995. All the subsequent paintings flow from the commitment made in this one.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have taken that dive into the belly so blithely if I had known I would still be agonizing with it all these years later. But then we never know where our journeys will lead us, do we? If we did I doubt we would ever have the courage to set out.

The belly, our 2nd chakra, is the seat of creativity and sexuality. My struggles with food issues (allergies, weight, complicated eating restrictions) came to the fore about this time and continue to plague me – but also inspire me to change. My hips & sacrum ache. My tummy lurches and gurgles. Menopause dampened my already challenged sexuality. But the creativity! Ah the creativity.