Manifesting Together

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Summer 2005
Acrylics on Canvas
24” x 18”

Written for original website 2006:

Despite our various troubles in the bedroom, Tom and I live a charmed partnership with tenderness and healing between us. Green Man and Green Woman, we share a common vision that we have sewn and grown together of sustainability, tribe, spirituality and money that has allowed us to be active in creating/manifesting/conjuring the world we want to live in.

Tom has his side of this work, but in this painting he is helping me with the people part of the community building that is my life’s work. The spider web of ideas spirals out from my head, the blue writing feather is in my hand. Our sons as little boys hover behind us (waiting to see what happens next?) and in my belly dance those who are yet to come to fulfill our dreams. The fire of my Sagittarius Rising swirls around us as those already here dance in encouragement.