Rising Above

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September 2003
Acrylics on Paper

Written for Out of the Ashes Show, January 2004.

Am still exploring the blue feather and the wheat color that has come to represent mystery for me…

I am always so quick to relay the stories and symbols of my work. Thus, one of my homework assignments in 1995 for my first Hero’s Journey Class was to do a painting I didn’t understand. The resulting painting (Ova) was a very important one. And some of the images that arose remained mysteries for a long time – including the blue feather. I tried to uncover its meaning when I took the Hero’s Journey for the second time in Spring of 2000. It floats around the "Pele" painting and some real blue feathers Kathleen Ryan gave me at the end of that class appear on the Kundalini altar assemblage.

When I did this painting it remained just as obscure to me as that early one! The feather encircles aching hips and sacrum and obviously became wings for she who is taking flight … Or is she landing? Why is she is masked?

I also had my son, Skye, on my mind as I painted and I have no idea how he fits in either.