Sagittarius Rising

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Oh, it's such a delight when a strong mysterious image comes out from where it's been lurking in my psyche. Somehow my hand wielding my pencils and paints knows....

This is the 4 of Air in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

Doing ceremony or ritual solo or in a group is to be in one’s child mind - that state of innocence and play where anything can happen. “Let’s pretend that we…” Where stories abound and music is played. Perhaps around a fire. Letting oneself go. Letting the spirits show up. Feeling the all elements. Shamans often don masks to take on the character of a particular archetype. To become something other. The sages say that God/Goddess/Spirit lives in the space between the automatic and the autonomic, controllable conscious breath. Can you feel the Mystery in those moments between breaths?

Let go of the ordinary. Release the mind and intellect just for a bit. Turn towards the clear spaces of Air Magic and breathe. Your Soul is asking you to dance with your mysterious, long-hidden Shadow Self. What mask would you don to play with the process?