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One of my favorite drawings of all time, it still gives me a thrill when I see it.

It's kind of another version of the Magician in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot but it's the Creative of Earth:

Enormous magical energy rolls through and around her. Power springs out of her fingertips and she can manifest at will. She is aware of being an integral part of the webs and earth energy ley lines, as well as sacred stone circles and petroglyphs. She knows how to access it all from a higher visionary perspective. She also knows how to create with them in the “trenches” of Earth Plane Reality. Her guides and ancestors watch from the sidelines delighting in her process and her progress. They’re egging her on.

Can you hear the Earth Magic music in your aura and your inner senses? Can you feel this potential within you? How can you use it on a daily basis to alchemically manifest your dreams and those of your tribe? Grandmother Spider, the creatrix, is calling you to create a new world for yourself and for the collective. It’s time, Darlings! If not now, when??