Steppin' Out

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Done in a collage workshop taught by artist, Linda Dalal Sawaya.

This is the Sprite of Earth in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

There is so much wonderous beauty on this green Earth of ours. A pixie with two sets of wings - both Butterfly of transformation and Raven of deep magic – dances playfully into exploring it all with fresh eyes. A colorful bird is her guide. Is the character in tie-dye behind her a companion or a challenging presence? No matter, she can hold it all lightly in the delightful dance in whatever fanciful, colorful costume, mask and headdress she chooses!

Now that you are initiated in 10 of Earth and transformed newborn from your cocoon, are you greeting the world every day with fresh eyes full of gratitude for the gifts both subtle and grand that come your way? Do you remember how to wallow in the mud?  Splash in puddles? Play “let’s pretend” or do ceremony with costumes?  What color are your wings? Hint – you can have as many as you want!