Tender Muse

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In Lane's Greenwitch Tarot this is the Creative of Water

Though we are beings of Water magic, a fiery Air creature is our ally at this time, a bird-being to tenderly encircle while a pokey nose inspires our watery, psychic self. Remember that birds are omen bringers. Messengers from beyond the veil. Paintbrush in hand, She reaches for that proverbial sparkling orb of mystical mystery to explore and elucidate our feelings and psyche. Actually there are many hands here to make Lightwork. Enough to go around for any intuitive creative endeavor. Our hands make the unseen real. Bringing it to life.

Which ones belong to whom? Does it matter? What mask does your muse wear? What does it whisper to inspire you to illuminate, to create. What are you channeling? What is coming through you to be given form? Can you express your feelings indifferent ways? The call is to plumb the depths via the creative process.