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I love the feeling of this painting. It was done in tempera paint as part of a Painting Process class taught by Susan C. Walsh. Calmly meditating underwater, eels dancing all around her - a mermaid without a tail.

She is the 4 of Water Magic in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

There is something moving to me about the idea of breathing under water. Diving deep into this underworld of emotions and psychic knowings. Sitting calmly on the ocean floor while watery allies circle around. Our bodies are full of water and once upon a time in our mother’s womb we had gills to breathe with. What were we picking up from our mothers to inform us of our ancestral heritage and infuse us with the skills of underwater creatures.

How do you relate to the concept that we were once sea creatures who walked onto land to breathe air? Can we recover that skill at least symbolically now? What could that give us? Your Soul Self is asking you to do a deep dive to explore the feelings and your intuition – indeed all that you carry in that gorgeous creative belly of yours. You are ready to use the steady, grounded balance of the 4’s to explore.