Vipassana Healing

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This is the Hermit IX in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

Although I don’t think this is an era for most of us to be hiding ourselves away like the traditional Hermit, there are certainly times it is necessary to settle and ground oneself in a meditative state – whatever that looks like to you. Even walking works or gardening. If we are lucky we’re out in “earth plane reality” busily fulfilling our soul’s mission of helping to change the world, but we all need times of solitude and contemplation to recover and regroup. This includes time to feel gratitude for the bounty that comes our way. She is glowing with scars as well as sweet memories all over her body. The structure of her wings is present, ready to be fleshed out whenever she needs to use them. She is connected to the Above via her crown chakra. Her heart chakra is flourishing. Her navel, the creative chakra, is alive and well. Her root chakra is firmly planted on the ground aka the Below. Kundalini swirls gently upwards keeping her Chi/Prana flowing and her aura clear. Whole in herself, she glows like the beacon lantern of the traditional Tarot Hermit. One shoulder is still shadowed by the weight of the world and her community. A smudge of concern scars her cheek. Yet, her head is tilted to hear via her wide open ear and her third eye to grok what the Universe is telling her. At the same time she is tuned inward to her body and its needs.

 This is a call to look within for a spell. Are you taking care of yourself amidst your duties and responsibilities and even through your creative flurries? Do you have a way to process your righteous anger and sobs? Are you giving yourself time to just BE? Remember that we are human beings, not human doings! Is it possible you need a quiet retreat time away? A few minutes or weeks separated from your worry-cares can work wonders.