Yoni Yogini

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In 2012 several of us bravely put together a Yoni Show. This community art show was a delight and full of wonderful art in many mediums. This painting was part of it. Tom and I had taken a year of Skye Dancing Tantra training the year before (2011) with Steve and Lokita Carter and this painting was born of that beautiful heart-lifting, heart-opening process.

Here a crone does magic with her yoni - feeling her way into the power that lives in her essential feminine self. It could have been called "Into the Labia-rinth".  My generation has had to learn this the hard way as being comfortable with our sexuality was rarely taught in our growing up families and culture. Even though I was around and part of the '60's in many ways, there was a lot I still had to discover about the grace of myself as a sexual being. Doing this painting felt very daring. And as is so often the case, ended up being very liberating. A part of the rising of the Divine Feminine.