Good Girl

The painting/artwork journey of the Hero's Process included forays into examining my growing-up self and the stance I took on as a child - probably even as a fetus! - to be very very good so as not to rock the boat of my growing-up family. My deMoll/Froebel constellation had no more warts and wrinkles than most families - and thankfully fewer than many - but they were the crucible I had chosen to be born into for my Soul's growth during this incarnation. And their strictures and that stance were what I had to outgrow and move past another degree starting in my menopausal years. (I'd already moved across the continent after college). I'll never totally shed that egoic protective stance - nor would I want to as it has served me well in many ways. But peeling back the layers of its effect on me has enabled the personal growth process that continues, of course, to this day.

Froebels, deMolls & Rands, Cape May, NJ 2017
Froebels and deMolls in Rose Valley, Pa  2002