I have been using Tarot cards since 1996 as a means of tuning in to get a sense of what is going on in my own and other’s personal climates. This is divination, not fortune telling – a way of using visual images to intuit what the Higher Self can tell us about this moment in time and how we might move forward with our lives.

I do private session at my home. About an hour for $60.

I also have a regular booth at Manzanita Farmers Market on Friday nights from 5-8 pm June through September. These are 3 card sessions – 10-15 minutes for $20.

I have a variety of decks to choose from, including Shining Tribe, MotherPeace, Gaian Tarot, Inner Child, Four Elements, Herbal Tarot and the classic Rider Waite/ Pamela Smith Deck.

I sometimes teach workshops on request to help people learn to use the tarot for themselves. Current information will be on my Events page.

Feel free to get in touch with me for a session or to find out about workshops.

Tarot at Brenna's - Version 2