Athena Erupts

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May, 1996
Oils on Masonite
18”x 24”

This is the Victory VII Card (traditionally the Chariot) of Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

Athena Erupts! Traditionally the Chariot card involves the winning of a racing vehicle of some kind. Here the body itself achieves the victory. With celebratory fireworks bursting above and magical manifesting power blazing out of her hands, she skis over the undulating, ever-shifting moguls towards the finish line of this race. Then goes on to the next. And the next. Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom has been with me ever since I played her in a 5th grade production at The School in Rose Valley in Pennsylvania. Her hair flying, she finesses the challenging trails and trials with wisdom, fortitude and grace. Owl is ever at her shoulder encouraging, inspiring, informing her of the mysteries. Helping her to look at what is hidden at her back heart and the dark side of the moon, as well as deep in her psyche. On the good days she knows it is all grist for the mill of her journey to her authentic Self and she feels confident she will be victorious. When we are in the inevitable throes of daunting physical challenges, especially as we age, we can remember the beauty of the body as it flies down the Mountain and all the victories that have been achieved thus far. Trusting that there are more to come as we continue to grow and learn on this journey of a human body.

What are the triumphs of your physical self? What proverbial races have you won? Think about the many times you have overcome issues and illnesses. Maybe it is time for you to recognize and love the strength and beauty of your unique personhood and to move triumphantly and confidently on this earth plane reality path. This is also about paying attention  to the  guidance from your body. Really listening and heeding! What is it whispering to you? It knows what you need to shift any energies that plague you.

Joyous cleansing – taking the action to heal.

In the spring of 1996, I had the first really fierce eruptions from food allergies – hives and boils that came and went, swollen eyes (see Slap Upside the Head), a protesting stomach, and a tongue that swelled and bumped when I ate things it didn’t like. It was a healing crisis that demanded attention. I began regular massages with Dana Zia (thank you, thank you!) and rounds of attention to various MD’s and natural practitioners to learn to deal with food issues that continue frustratingly to this day. It is life-style threatening, rather than life threatening (at least in the short term). Yet despite all the discomfort and angst of the process, it often feels glorious to be taking action to heal ancient wounds. Empowering. It was especially joyous then when I thought it would be soon over and I a new woman!

Athena Erupts Altar

I often feel like Athena – the Greek Goddess of Wisdom who I first met and loved when I acted her in a fifth grade play. She was originally a black Mother goddess from Africa who was borrowed by the Greek patriarchy. She became like a man in order to survive and is often depicted in full armor with her patron wise owl on her shoulder. Think of the women today who wear “power” suits with padded shoulders and are very good at the men’s “power over” game.

Today it seems like Athena is undergoing a purifying process – taking her true female power back, woman by woman. I am honored to be a part of that process, however long it takes. Welcoming both the good and the difficult days. The new moon and the full.

Athena Erupts altar - Living Out Loud Show 2004