Bird Allies

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This is the Elder of Air in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

In traditional cultures Elders are honored and listened to, an important aspect of humanness we’ve forgotten in our present throw-away, youth-adoring culture. Here the mature, seasoned birds of the 10 of Air [Incoming] have landed and are tenderly conveying the sustenance of their treasured wisdom, experience and ideals to the fledglings. For us humans their knowledge and news of the metaphysical worlds is more important than ever. The “food” - omens and messages - they bring lead us to new ways of being in the world and helps guide our personal and collective paths.

Who are the elders who influence your thoughts and actions? Are any leading you towards awakening in the New Age of Aquarius? What are they asking of you? Are you ready to take their nourishment? Or are you an elder who has stuff to share?? Now would be the time!