Neahkahnie Crazy Quilt

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Fall, 2005
Acrylics & Fabric on Canvas
24” x 18”

This is the 10 of Earth in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

A sense of place has been vital to my own journey. Since 1976, this land of the Nehalem peoples where sacred Neahkahnie Mountain rises up from the Pacific Ocean and the Nehalem River flows into the Bay. It may not be just one place – all land is sacred. I still cherish the roots I’ve planted elsewhere, but here is where my tribe marks births, deaths and other transitions. Here that we dance for Salmon and Bear, Spider and Bee, celebrating the union of Gaia and the Green Man on our home territory.

What do you know about where you currently reside? Become familiar with its seasons and moods, its creatures and history including native names and roots. Neahkahnie and Nehalem are ancient names for this place. How do you celebrate the crazy quilt patchwork of it all? Salal is a flower essence for this place. What plant or stone calls to you of yours?

Written for Art About Community Show at North County Recreation District, November 2005

We dance as tribe amidst a crazy quilt of pieced-together visions, dreams and manifestations. Neahkahnie Mountain and Sitka call us here. The Nehalem River and Pacific Ocean shore sustain us. The fish, animals and birds dance with us, carrying messages to and from Spirit .  

There really are quilts pieced together by this community. For special occasions like births, weddings, retirements or acknowledgement of community service, a small group chooses fabrics and passes them out. Those who are sewing may add whatever extra pieces they want and the results when the squares come back to be joined into a whole are magnificent. There has been one show of these community quilts and photographs of others. Testaments of our love for each other and our soul journeys together.