Sacrifice: Tower Art

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Fall, 2001
Oil on Recycled Canvas
24” x 36”

The Challenge of a Higher Visionary Perspective

I had such a strong feeling right from the first moments of hearing of the destruction of the Twin Towers of September 11 that those people were dying to help us all change the world.

They were guided in their transition to death by other spirits who swooped them up. True heros, they were making a sacrifice so that we as a culture might begin to shift. This was true even of those who caused the acts of destruction. Forgive them for they know not (consciously) what they do. In my world view, they had made a pact before birth with the victims to make this sacrifice. (Perhaps this is also the place to remember the Haindl Tarot Deck version of the Tower card which is prescient, foreshadowing this 9/11 event.)


This painting is asking to be in the Burning Times section as a reminder that the witches and healers burned were also making a sacrifice…. as is anyone who takes on a difficult role of victim or (and this is important) abuser.


If we can keep this perspective – that it is their choice… indeed, their call… to make that sacrifice then it all has meaning in the very largest picture. As painful as it feels in the moment, it helps me to remember that it is all happening as it needs to and with their consent. And ours too whose role it is to be left behind to mourn.