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This is the 7 of Water in Lane's Greenwitch Tarot:

Rising to breathe! The masculine archetype at the bottom has given up, curled in the fetal position, lost in the kelp forests of the deep. Or are they simply asleep waiting for daylight to awaken or the flood waters to subside? Whatever the obstacles and fears, the Sacred Feminine has managed to rise, to take what looks to be a gasping breath at the surface. A breather, as we say. Two jellyfish float at her side. To me they’ve always felt like friends.

What do they look like to you? What do you need relief or even escape from? Can you find the courage to change something in your life? To leave something beloved behind? How do your actions support the revival of the Sacred Feminine? What do you learn of your own strength by swimming in the deep? Nettle, plantain or calendula essence can teach and stimulate you to feel and benefit from any stings.


Written for Out of the Ashes Show, North County Rec Center, January 2004

Sometimes in a relationship it becomes clear that the only way out is to leave the other behind.

He is curled in the fetal position down in the murky depths where only those odd fish with lights live. He cannot find the will to change – is unable to even look at possibilities for opening. She, on the other hand, has floated to the surface for a breath. A gasp of air that can save her life. When she is ready she will realize that there is a moon up there. Dear Grandmother Moon shining down on those who are willing to open and grow and learn. Does she realize that she also has guides with her? The jellyfish dance alongside, her companions on the journey. But jellyfish can be dangerous. Like Kali Ma or Ereshkigol they can sting. Ah! That is the rub. Sometimes within the sting there is a healing. Sometimes you have to put your hand in the fire.

I was very afraid this would happen to Tom and I, as it had to a number of couples we knew. But we keep working on things. It is our great good fortune to be still weathering the storms since 1971 – with a lot of work.

Note January 2024

Sadly in fact, 10+ years later this did come true for Tom and I in late summer 2015. During our counseling sessions I kept getting the image of him as a little guy hunched over on the trail behind me. When I'd look back at him he'd pull a blanket over his head like those statues you see at Mexican restaurants. When I finally described this he said he wasn't on my path he was on his path.... I always thought it was our path. And thus the marriage ended right then.