Wilding of Aphrodite

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I really had fun doing this painting. I'd been thinking about it for quite a while and uncharictaristically, did it fairly slowly over several weeks. She could easily be called "Shakti" - the sexy female energy celebrated in Tantric tradition. The other half of the Yab Yum tantric duo is Shiva. But I liked the idea of the transformation of Aphrorodite, the Greek Goddess of Love famously depicted as rising demurely, though naked out of the sea. Here her eyes challenge me to loosen up my hips and pelvis - all stuck places of my puritan foremothers - to embrace my sexual self. And always to dance. She was part of the community Yoni Show described in Yoni Yogini.

She could have been the Divine Feminine III Major card in Lane's Greenwitch but that place went to the Mother Goddess. No less important, this wild one is the 4 of Fire Magic:

Out of heat come moments of balance. Grounded yet dancing, arms finding their creative tasks. The Allies present. Glorious Heart Fire energy surrounds her human self. The image was inspired by a banner hanging in my Sky Dancing Tantra trainings with Steve and Lokita Carter. She reaches for the illusive magical orb that accompanies her, but which she can finally see…on the good days. Brief glimpses of the blindingly obvious. She is becoming and for today at least knows who she is and how to use potent Fire Magic to accomplish the everyday tasks of her mission(s) here onEarth.

Take heart! There will always be days like this along the way. Can you remember some of them? What is the orb you are reaching for? Can you feel the heart love aura surrounding you? How do you balance the fire within you to accomplish the healing you long for? Fire is asking you to live this life to the fullest.