Looking South

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Similar view from the top of Neahkahnie Mountain as "Incoming" and an equally magical sense of the spirits, humans and creatures dancing together. This time with more of the ocean and Nehalem River involved.  It is a beloved landscape to me and I love to envision it in different guises. This is the present with elements most of us just can't quite see and I assert it is a future we are dreaming up.

In Lane's Greenwitch Tarot this is the 10 of Water:

With luck and perseverance you will find your way out of the boggy, uncertain landscape of the 9 of Water ["Boggy Path"] into a glorious and celebratory place and time. Your worst fears are unrealized. The watery blood of the mammals dances together with the river and ocean. Hearts are full. Maypole ribbons entwine. A tsunami wave of love washes over the tribe, both human and creature, while the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine are being healed and revitalized to become a unified and spirited tantric whole in each of us again.  

Is this the land of your dreams? The New Age ofAquarius realized? Can your imagination take you there? In so visualizing can you begin to make it real? What small steps can you take to become part of the dance? How could you use your Water Magic to heal yourself and others? It’s time to join in the fun!